Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Life has been a real whirlwind since school started about a month ago, but last week really takes the cake. I love that my kids are active and enjoying lots of different stuff. I love that we have found a new church home that has many (!) wonderful opportunities for all of us to worship and grow in different ways. I love that we have family that actually wants to see us! 

I do not love when all these things happen at once.  :( 

It was a busy fun week full of wonderful stuff. But it was SO full that it took away from the overall enjoyment. We are still working on finding balance. Work in progress I suppose. 

The weekend really capped everything off with homecoming football, dance, soccer, family visits, a funeral, and a birthday!  Whew.

I didn't take nearly enough photos :( and the ones that I did take are held hostage on my currently-not-working phone. 

But I did get a nice picture of my beautiful S, all decked out for the homecoming dance. Fortunately, she thinks I am fairly skilled with hair and make up, so we were able to do all prep at home. I must say, she was stunning (though I don't take credit for that!).

On Sunday, Miss Al turned SIX. Oh goodness. Where has time gone. This little stinker is too much and has been talking about her birthday non-stop for weeks. Weeks I tell you. We had a really nice day, starting with church, going to Art Prize with Aunt Julie and enjoying her favorite dinner (ravioli) and CAKE. 

It was a pretty awesome weekend. :)

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