Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Fundraising, Fueling and Five

(1) We don't have any updates on JS's adoption, but we know things are moving along (at their own pace...) in Colombia. Either way, we hope that we will be traveling to Colombia by January or February next year. So. Still have quite a few fees due between now and then. Time to suck up the pride and ask for help!  Fortunately for us, we have some really generous people in our lives. Two of those people - my aunt and uncle - devised a pretty awesome fundraiser!  We are selling dog/luggage/military tags that can be engraved.  The tags cost $8, with 1/2 going right to our adoption fund! I attempted to set up a facebook page with the info:

I am already overwhelmed with the kindness everyone has shown. The support means so very much.  We may have a similar opportunity in the pipeline as well. Stay tuned!  :) 

(2)  Fueling. Ugh. My downfall lately. Other than last week's deviation from training, I have been nailing my training runs pretty well. Unfortunately, I have not been making proper fueling a priority. All this extra running makes a girl hungry And has allowed this girl the excuse to revert back to some very bad eating habits. :( The extra miles keep the weight down, but I am starting to feel a real toll in my running.  The marathon is 37 days away.  I am re-committing to smarter choices, 6 days a week, at least until the race.  It seems so stupid to put so much time and effort into training and then allow myself to sabotage it all with doughnuts, chips and beer!  ;)

(3) Also in preparation for JS coming home, I am working on getting myself mentally prepared. This involves a lot of things, not the least of which include revisiting attachment issues, etc. But I'm also starting to think of our family has having six kids, not five. For some reason, this is hard to wrap my head around. We've had 5 for three whole years now (wow).  Plus, people's eyebrows REALLY go up when you say six. :)

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