Friday, August 31, 2012

No Babies for Me

So last night I slept terribly. AWFUL. Ally woke up crying and threw the oddest, stubborn tantrum about not wanting to sleep by herself (this was particularly odd b/c she was in fact sleeping in a room with two of her sisters). Me, being super mom, made up some ridiculous threat about never doing anything fun again unless she went back to sleep. Because I'm gentle understanding a hot mess when I need my sleep.
Then, Perry must have eaten something (that dog - eats like he's a trash compactor, has the gentle stomach of an heiress) and he had some... gastro issues. So Mark took him out.  And he started barking like he was on neighborhood watch.  It was grand. I'm sure our neighbors love us.
Then we finally drag ourselves out of bed, late, at 6:30 and... OUT OF COFFEE.  I now sit blearly eyed at my desk, cradling my hot mug of yucky coffee and share my tale.
I'm too old for this shit. Definitely no babies for me. 
They are both incredibly lucky they are so cute.

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  1. were smart to get that phase over with early :) I'm scared I'm too old for it too, but haven't yet started!