Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Marathon Training Wk 5 Recap - Apathy, Excitment and Technological Difficulties

It was both a tough week and a good one. It started kind of rough. For the most part, I have loved marathon training. Love the box-checking, the pushing myself, the schedule. Not so much the getting up early, but you do what you have to.

But last week I felt unmotivated. I didn't want to get up. While up, I didn't want to run. It just wasn't very fun for awhile.  Add in some technical problems with my Garmin and I became really unmotivated.  (Garmin = data, and data = interest for a geek like me).  But I got through it. :)

Planned/Completed (Avg Pace)

Monday: 3 miles/3/13 miles (10:38);  Overslept, but got it done. Nothing much to say.

Tuesday: 6 miles/5ish (maybe); No idea on pace, Garmin was dead.  Lungs and legs felt fine but just did NOT feel like running. I barely hit 5 miles and just decided I was done. : /

Wednesday: Rest or XT/20 min easy on stationary bike. Had hoped for more, but had many papers to grade and this was the only thing I could do WHILE grading.

Thursday: 7 miles, mile repeats/Done... sort of (10:11).  Garmin was dead again so I couldn't check my paces.  :(  I ran 7 miles this time for sure and I approximated my recovery periods.  Overall felt good, but the geek was so disappointed to not know my splits. Oh, and I forgot. Two OTHER big negatives. It was very dark when I started (i.e. need headlamp, bah) AND it smelled like freshly squashed skunk. Badly.  Ick. As you can see, I had my Mckayla Maroney face on.

Friday: 3-4 miles/3.1 miles (11:11).  Easy miles, nothing special. Not really in the mood, but got the minimum in.

Saturday: 17 miles/ DONE! Rocked it. :)  Now I remember why I like to run!

Sunday:  Rest/Shopping.  Anyone that knows me well knows that "shopping" is not restful for me at all. But 3 girlies needed some back-to-school items, so off we went. I think this 3+ hours was more taxing than Saturday's 17 miler! But a nice day overall. :)

Total Mileage for the Week:  35 miles


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  1. I like following schedules and plans too. They offer a sense of purpose and a job well done.

    Good for you, for getting through your temperoray motivational crisis! It's all part of running.