Monday, July 9, 2012

Pro and a Con

Just a moment for a quick checkin. The last couple of weeks have been BUSY.  Holiday mid-week, coupled with no extra vacation time, add in a garage sale, kid time with grandma, more than a few hours in the car and a second job ...

Yep, busy. :) 
[Mark and I before July 3 party]

I thought I was overdue for a report on my quest to lose a half marathon.


Truth be told, I was hoping to have better news... In 3 weeks, I'm down a total of 1 pound (which, with my normal weight fluxations, isn't really anything to note). I'm not thrilled with the number, but I'm more disappointed in my choices.  I joined the challenge less to lose more weight and more to get back to healthier habits.  And I just haven't stepped up to make better choices yet. This falls into the "con" category...

The last 3 weeks have involved camping, birthdays, company, 4th of July, and more.  That meant way too many desserts and beer.  : / If I was only focused on the numbers, I would be happy to be still down a pound!  But I really do want to get back to healthier choices.  So. It's a new week.

As for the "pro" side of things... 

The last week has been the hottest that I can honestly remember (no, this is not the "pro"...wait for it).  Several 100+ degree days in a row. Humid. Sticky. Miserable. 

And yet?  I still managed to get over 20 miles in last week!  Monday I ran late (ugh - still too hot) and Tuesday I managed to get out of bed early enough to knock out 3 (same for Friday).  And yesterday - when the worst of the heat finally broke - I knocked out 13+ miles before church.  And they felt good

Big smile. :) 

Here's to making this week even better!

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