Friday, June 1, 2012

What a weekend

Well, it's Friday and the weekend lies before me. And it's 49 degrees and raining. Boo.  So hard to believe that on Monday it was 90.  NINETY.  

Now, I'm not a big fan of weather in the 90s ... but today I think I'd trade. :)  So, in celebration of the crummy weather, I thought I'd remember all the fun of our warm last weekend! 

On Friday, we mini-road-tripped to my in-laws for a night of fun. 

 Poncho does not love road trips, but looks reasonably happy here

There was giggling. Mostly by me.

Saturday was fairly quiet and mostly recovery. We were all SOOOO tired.  Despite this, I got the cleaning/organizing bug (this hits about twice a year, so I try to run with it).

I sorted out some serious issues in my craft area and began to tackle the kids' clothes. We moved out winter and moved in summer stuff. Apparently this was a bad choice since I have already had to dig out more pants (stupid 49 degrees).

Sunday and Monday involved a lot of warm weather fun, particularly with the slip n' slide. Not nearly as cool as a pool, but does not destroy the lawn!

 Perry gets thirsty too!

Sunday morning I set my alarm for 6 a.m. to sneak in a long run before church. I was able to eek out 10 miles in the nick of time. It made for a bit of a stressful morning, but was so worth it. I love that I can whip out 10 miles (even slow ones) without walking and without being sore at all. SCORE.

 The sun over Reed's Lake

Turtle friend along the path.  I saw this little guy again when coming back around 
and I'm pretty sure she was laying eggs!

What a great weekend! Very fun, productive AND relaxing at the same time. Seriously, when does that ever happen?  Looking forward to some more soccer this weekend and hopefully more decluttering! (Told you - on a kick)  Fingers crossed it warms up a bit. :)

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