Friday, May 11, 2012

Riverbank Run - Sports and Fitness Expo!

It is no secret I'm a bit nervous for tomorrow's race, but I woke up this morning already thinking about the Riverbank Run Sports and Fitness Expo!  When I ran the Grand Rapids Half Marathon last year, I went to that expo as well. It was fun, but not nearly as large or well-attended as the Riverbank Run (same was true for the race).  The Riverbank Run is a true West Michigan baby and lots of people get involved, including plenty of non-runners.  I'm already l.o.v.i.n.g. the local support and feel of the race (although it makes me a tad nervous too! so many people!).

I am lucky to work downtown, so headed over to the expo/packet pick up on my lunch.  On my way I crossed Calder Plaza, already being prepped for the after-race party tomorrow.  

 Expo just beginning but plenty of people already headed in. In fact, I almost immediately ran into a friend who is running the 10k. She must have seen the fear excitement in my eyes and gave me a good luck hug. Thanks D :)

 Packet pickup was very well organized.  For some really odd reason, my section was the only one that had a line.  But I was able to check the list for my number, line up and get my packet within 5-10 minutes, so still very easy.

The expo itself was cooler than these photos suggest. Quite a few interesting booths and some decent samples. Gazelle Sports had a mega both (really, a complete small version of the store!) that was too fun - I had to leave before spending money. :(

The expo space is pretty large, so there was plenty of room to maneuver around and check things out at your own pace. The GR Marathon expo was in a much smaller space last fall and was set up almost like a maze - you were shepherded through the booths and finished at packet pick up. It wasn't very easy to go back in and just browse where you wanted.  Points for RBR!

 I did not escape the expo without dropping some money though. I decided I really wanted a hoodie, so gave myself an early Mother's Day gift. :)

Getting fired up to run tomorrow!  Here's hoping the rain and storms hold off  : /

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  1. Woohoo! You're getting me excited! By the way, a little rain won't hurt. It'll just keep us refreshed.