Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Family Running Edition

(1) Wednesday night, Grace had her first 5k experience with Girls on the Run.  This was a "practice" event - the main celebration is not for several more weeks. But her team rocked it. It was so fun to watch.  This program is simply incredible. Obviously I appreciate the "running" side of things, but it's so much more - teamwork, self esteem, etc.  I would recommend it to anyone. This is the first year we've had it at our schools. I'm so bummed Selam wasn't able to participate in it.

(2) But... Selam may have caught the running bug anyway!  She decided to go out for track this year and has been doing the 100m and 70m dashes, as well as long jump.  Most of the kids she is up against are much bigger and stronger, but her heart is huge.  She pushes herself and has grown a lot.  

She and I went last night to buy her first "real" pair of running shoes which was pretty exciting.  Oh, AND she's running a 5k race with me this weekend!  We are both pretty geeked about that - I mean, who wouldn't want to run through the forest at night chased by zombies?

(3) Even Perry's running has improved!  One reason I talked myself into a puppy last summer was my desire for a furry running buddy.  I have been careful not to push him too hard though - dogs shouldn't run much until they are at least a year old because of their growing bodies and developing joints.  So, for the most part, we've done a mile here and there, 2 miles... Sometimes he does great - keeps a nice solid pace and stays right with me.  Other days he is naughty and all over the roads!  Last week I took him out in the morning and could tell straight off it would be a good run. He was full of energy, so I didn't drop him off at home like I normally do. Instead, he hung in there for all 3.1 miles - his first 5k!  I'm sure he was feeling proud. 

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