Friday, April 20, 2012

Lunch on the Run

I'm really enjoying getting my runs in during my lunch break.  I have been reeeeeeally struggling to get up lately and haven't run in the morning in weeks!  On Tuesday, I actually woke up, attempted to drag Perry out of his crate to run with me (he refused), went upstairs and started getting dressed, and then gave up and went back to bed!  Sad - I have never done that before.

I've decided to just work with it for now.  On Wednesday I was able to get in over 4.5 miles on my lunch break and it was great!  Overcast with a consistent breeze. Perfect running weather.  And, since I am apparently addicted to snapping a few photos, here they are. :)

 I thought this neighborhood graffiti was pretty awesome.

 Still loving lilac season!

I really enjoy running through the historic district. Some of these homes are just amazing!

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