Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Golden Birthday

Long overdue, but better late than never!  :)

Hana's birthday often garners an unusual amount of excitement from the other kids. Perhaps because it has been over 2 months since the last birthday/Christmas?  She is our "first" of the year. And we all love cake!

Well, this year was extra exciting because on March 9 Hana turned 9, making this her golden birthday! We decided to celebrate with some family bowling (plus 2 friends) and a colorful cake.  Hana is generally very easy going and is up for anything remotely athletic, so this worked out well. We all had a blast!

 Love watching her "lean" into the throw.  :)

                          Sisters!  These 2 have been such buddies lately!

At the bowling alley, they were having some kind of event and offered a prize for the person whose birthday was closest to that day. Hana (and all the kids) immediately ran over, shouting that hers was THAT DAY. Well, it turned out that the prizes/event was for a specific group (which was NOT clarified when we arrived), so Hana was quite disappointed.  Within 5 minutes, someone brought her the prize anyway!  It was very, very sweet.   Literally and figuratively - it was another cake!  We were definitely over-caked that weekend, but fun nonetheless! :)

Action Shot! 

Her cake was a big hit. I had so much fun making that!  Thanks Pinterest.  ;)

my date :)

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  1. What a fun birthday party! And the cake is so neat - I plan on trying to make one sometime this summer. Perhaps for Thor's birthday.