Friday, January 6, 2012

Five Things Friday

GOODNESS.  Too busy to write a coherent post, so going to try a few bullet points. :)

(1) Utter chaos lately.  :( Not the best way to start 2012 I suppose, but what can you do. I have been meaning to get a post up regarding my goals for 2012, but the week has not permitted it.  Between being off on vacation last week and things ramping up for the new year at work... well, let's just say I am SO looking forward to the weekend!

(2) Healthy tip eating for kids - Okay, first I'd like to preface this by saying I never think I have any advice that would be useful to anyone.  Yet every once in awhile it occurs to me that I might have a tip or two to share. So here's a very random and simple suggestion.  Most kids I know like rice. I mean, who doesn't? But I think we can all admit that the tasty white rice doesn't top nutrition charts.  We often substitute quinoa.  It's a tasty grain with a mild flavor that is full of protein. There are many ways to use it, but we often eat it plain, as a side, in place of rice.  Actually, we found great success when introducing it to our kids by calling it the "other rice." Simple, but effective. Telling them it was "quinoa" would likely have caused more push-back.  Oddly enough, the only kid that doesn't like it much is Grace - who is my healthiest eater overall. Ah well. You win some and lose some.

(3) This week I went to my first parent meeting for Girls on the Run.  Grace's school is starting their first group and Grace was lucky enough to win the "lottery" of students to make the team. She is super-excited and I am thrilled for her.  The program sounds amazing. The girls meet twice a week for a few months to train for a 5k. But running is only a small part of the program, which involves lessons on self esteem and good citizenship.  I can't wait to see how this shapes up. She starts in March.

(4) Perry (and us) started doggie "bootcamp" this week.  We decided we needed some guidance on training better manners and control.  It's going to take some serious (and consistent) work on our part for the best results, but it's amazing how quickly it has already shown some improvement. Hopefully can devote a good chunk of time with him this weekend...

(5) I seriously have to take my Christmas stuff down this weekend. I usually like to do this on New Years, but I was just not functional.  Now, it's taunting me. 


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