Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DO LIFE - Week 1 Challenges

Here are the things I am thinking about and working on this week:


(1) Write down 5 quantifiable goals for yourself, realistically achievable in one month.

     (i)   Lose 6 pounds by Feb 1. (My baseline number is as of Jan 1.)
     (ii)  Engage in some activity/exercise at least 5 days/week with at least 4 days involving running.
     (iii) Log at least 2 speed sessions and 2 strength sessions this month.
     (iv) No snacking after 7 p.m. on weekdays.
     (v)  Enjoy pop (soda) no more than 4 days/week.

(2) Assess yourself in the above areas:
      (i) I've grown a lot but not enough to post my weight on the web. ;) You'll have to trust me that I know my base number!
     (ii) I probably average 3-4 days a week now. I want my "rest" days to be more purposeful and be able to enjoy them for what they are (not feel guilty that I slept through a planned run). 
     (iii) Speed sessions are a new ball game for me.  Strength is something I have been very sporadic with, but I know will help me overall and will hopefully shed a few inches!
     (iv)  Yeeeeeesh.  Holidays meant constant snacking. Must resist.
     (v)  I have given up pop in the past for weeks at a time, only to fall off the wagon and be back to drinking it daily. I'd like to just enjoy in moderation.  I am drinking a Diet Coke right now (!) but didn't have anything yesterday. :)

(3) Do as many push ups as you can - as of Jan 5, I could do 16 "real" (toe) push ups.  I almost felt bad a$$ but then wanted to die.  

(4) Add an extra 30 min of intense exercise to your regular week. (This sort of naturally flows with goals (ii) and (iii) above)
(5a)  Identify your biggest excuse.  Yikes.  When I first read this, I automatically thought TIME. I am always feeling (and complaining) that there is not enough time.  But this is not truly my biggest excuse or hurdle.  I think mine is justification.  I deserve this. I earned this.  I need this because of x, y or z. "This" might be a rest day, a cookie or whatever.  But it's a slippery slope.  Don't get me wrong. I enjoy many cookies and plenty of rest days.  But I don't want to justify them to myself.  I need rest days - so I should take them.  I want to enjoy a cookie (in moderation) without burying guilt with "oh, I ran 5 miles today so it doesn't matter."  Justifications are the obstacles to my goals.

(5b) Identify a way to eliminate that excuse - Hmmmmm... this is harder. I guess just being aware of those sneaky justifications?  Identifying if I am doing something because it is the right choice for me (resting because I need it or because I'm feeling lazy? Enjoying a brownie because it is okay to have a tasty treat in moderation or flocking to the sugar high?) or because I have a justification ready.

(6) Each night before bed, write 4 things you did well that day.  Great idea. So far, I haven't remembered at all. :(

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  1. I love your number 3 and 6 answers!

    Great idea...sometimes writing things down makes it all seem real and holds you accountable!!

    Might try it myself!