Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's the Plan, Stan?

Do you ever type random phrases into Google to see what the suggested completions are? 

I started typing:  “I need” and the first suggestion was a doctor. Nope, okay there. I continued. “I need a …” and the next suggestion was job.  Well, never hurts to look, but not my goal. J  “I need a p…” pencil, personal loan, part time job (again with the job!).  I thought the “pencil” was funny – what good is Google when you have lost a pencil?

Anyway, I digress before I even begin.

What I do need is a PLAN.

Approximately 10 days ago I ran 13.1 miles.  My longest distance e.v.e.r.  Since then?  I have run a total of … 7 miles. 


Now I wish I hadn’t counted!

Well, to be honest, I was hurting after Sunday’s race.  I hobbled around for a few days and then the weather was crummy… it was easy to laze around.  I finally got out on Friday afternoon and knocked out 3 fast (for me) and easy miles. I felt great!  Had a big grin on my face and everything.  The next day, Mark went with me as I shopped for some new running shoes.  This was a bit of an ordeal, which I’ll save for another post.  Anyhoo, I got another 3 miles in Sunday that did not feel so great and another mile on Tuesday that was kind of ick.

I have lost my running mojo!  Ack! 

It’s not that I don’t like running any more.  But the days are getting shorter.  The mornings are cold and damp. My bed is comfortable!  For the last month, the alarm has sounded at 5 am. My first thought has been SNOOZE.  But my second thought was HALF MARATHON – IKES!  And so, I would drag my butt up (most days) and hobble around my planned miles.  Now… well, I’m mostly settling on SNOOZE. 

I need a plan.

I don’t have a race to train for right now.  I don’t want to HAVE to have a race to train for.  Long-term that is just not practical.  I would love that my own motivation would do it. But so far, not working. 

Thus, the brainstorming begins… 

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