Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Bulk" and "Commercial Grade"...

We have a larger than average family and I occasionally get asked questions about that.  Some people are generally baffled by the logistics of dealing with 7 people.  Usually, I feel like it's not that big of a deal.

Yet, looking back on last night, I had to chuckle. It was a prime example of how my family might differ from yours.  :)

1.  We took everyone (plus an extra kid) shopping at Costco.  We do most of our shopping there, primarily for convenience. And you can't beat the free samples.  Or the ginormous pizza.  Everything about this screams BULK.  ;)

2.  Last night, Mark ordered a new vacuum we've been needing from amazon. I happened to review the order this morning and had to chuckle upon seeing the words"commercial grade" in the title. I guess 5 kids, 2 dogs and a cat (and messy me) require something with "commercial grade" power. I'm actually pretty sure it's the same vacuum that the cleaning crew uses at the courthouse where I work...

3.  I started making cinnamon rolls for a treat this morning and Mark realizes that we are going to have to use 2 packages to have enough. Luckily, my quick math saved us. :) We we're down one kid this morning and Mark and I can share. Done!  A package of 5 works.

So really, my family isn't much different than yours.  Other than we fly through most food and toiletry items, so we buy in bulk, we apparently require commercial grade cleaning equipment, and I have to sacrifice 1/2 a cinnamon roll in order to avoid using 2 full packages (which might entice me to eat TWO).  So there you go.  :)

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