Friday, October 28, 2011

Big Foot and the Numb Toes

I've got me some big feet for a short lady.  Well W I D E anyway... 

So, Saturday Mark agrees to hit the running store with me. Heaven!  I wanted to look at the Garmin 305 watch in person before I ordered it for my birthday (and now it's mine suckas! love it!)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I am also overdue for new shoes, so I started trying some on.  It turns out, I have been running in the complete opposite shoe for my stride.  Interesting.

But of course, wide feet, nothing in stock. But tried on a few I liked.  I ended up running out of time, so went back on Sunday and tried on yet another pair I’ve been dying  wanting to try and decided to just get the men’s version instead, the new Brooks Pure Cadence:

Its a more "minimal" shoes, which is all the rage right now. I had hoped that it might be easier to transition to something like this, being a new runner anyway, so the time seemed right.  

Oh, how I wanted to love them.

I took them for a run on Sunday.  Very easy.  They felt different. Not bad. Used some different muscles.  But they didn’t feel great either. I wasn’t sore on Monday and I took them for a quick mile spin.  Ehhhhhh.  Took them out on Tuesday for another mile. Still eh.  Something wasn’t quite clicking. 

Tuesday I called and had them order my 2nd choice of shoes for me. They won’t be in for a couple of weeks (boo). 

I’m still torn.  My runs have not felt great (other than on Friday) but I’m not sure it’s the shoe.  I may just need some more adjusting. But I can’t help but think after 3 runs  (even short ones) that I should be feeling great when I put them on, not “eh”. 

Update - ran with them again this morning.  First mile wasn't so bad. By the end of the second mile I had to quit. I can't figure out what it is, but they are making my toes go numb. Creeeeeepy.  

Thank goodness for return policies. :) 

I have high hopes for the Adrenalines on special order...

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