Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mummy May I?


So, I have all these great intentions of documenting our weeks ... or even just some of the high points of the month (!) on our homeschooling adventure.  Weeeeell... turns out that is just really hard.  So, I'll just throw things up now and again, helter-skelter.  Better than nothing. :)  At some point, I hope to sit down and write a post about our curriculum for the year, as well as our goals (more for myself than anything).  Part of the reason that is difficult, is that it is constantly changing!

For example, we had no plans to truly dig into history this year.  Although history is probably my favorite subject, it just "didn't make the cut" into our must-haves for the year.  However, the girls quickly remedied that!

On day one of homeschooling, we were working through the introduction portion of our science book discussing the knowledge gained by the Ancient Egyptians though mummification.  The girls were immediately interested in mummies, which quickly expanded to Ancient Egypt.  We proceeded to check out every book at our library on those subjects (about 40-50!) and studied that for most of September.  It was so fun!  But the best part was our "experiment" of Barbie Mummies, following these basic directions as well as the Magic Treehouse guide.

This was day 4 of homeschooling.  Love.  :o)

Step 1:  Remove all major internal organs except the heart 
(since Barbies generally lack such organs, we just drew on a heart to symbolize this step)

Step 2:  Wash the body

Step 3:  Oil the body

Step 4:  Spread salt over the entire body

Step 5:  Wrap the body in fabric strips

Step 6:  Wrap the amulets in with the body
(unfortunately, I didn't get a good photograph of that part. The girls copied many popular amulets from our books, including the eye of Horus, and wrapped those within their mummies' folds)

Step 7:  Let sit for 40 days :)
(not quite - but it did take longer than I expected - the mummies did not complete harden for several days)

Final Product adorned with their mummy masks

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