Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday Girl

Ack.  My "baby" is 4. 
Did you know that "4" is no longer a baby?  It's practically grown-up!  When did this happen?
We've been through a lot together.  I was pregnant with Al during my last semester of law school.  She graduated "with me" and was even with me during the bar exam!  As a side note, I don't recommend taking the bar exam 7 months pregnant - uncomfortable! 
Ally showed up on her terms just under a week before her due date.  She was a tough baby!  Right from the get-go, she knew how to use those lungs.  Those weeks (and weeks...) of colic were brutal, especially since she wasn't much of a sleeper.  I'm not kidding when I say I only started drinking coffee because of this kid!
Al is the kind of kid that does things in her own time, her own way.  She didn't start walking until she was about 15 months old - mostly (I'm convinced) because she didn't really want to or see a need to!  She wasn't a cuddly baby - always wishing to be faced out, see what was going on. She didn't like to be rocked to sleep, preferring to get herself comfortable when she was good and ready.
It's been so fun to see this snippets of her personality develop further over these past few years.  She is still just as strong and stubborn as those early days, but now her personality seems to draw others in rather than push them away.  She is really a bit of a magnet and tends to attract people of all ages.  She has older siblings, so she is comfortable holding her own with older children.  But she also loves babies (and bossing...) so she likes younger children too.  In addition, her preschool/daycare is connected to a retirement community and the children often interact with the more active older residents.  Ally loves to visit with her "grandmas and grandpas" as they call them at school. Her teacher has often noted that Ally has a gift for communicating with the residents, listening to them for long stretches and piping up - always willing to give her 2 cents on the matter.
She's spunky and sweet, laughing and lovable. 
Happy 4th Birthday Ally!

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